Hi my name is Annette Rosenfeldt. I live in Denmark with my husband and three children. As a graphic designer and an illustrator I enjoy the process of brainstorming, visualising and seeing my work gradually take shape whether it's via the computer, pencil or a paintbrush.

I grew up in Nigeria and Thailand and came to my home country, Denmark
when I was thirteen. Throughout my school years I always felt that illustration was my biggest passion. I just couldn't leave a paper and a pencil alone...and I still can't! I continued my education at The Academy for Illustration and Design in Denmark and graduated from Design Seminariet in Højer. The following years I gained valuable experience working for different ad agencies as a graphic designer.

Soon my children put everything into a new perspective. After spending many hours together reading childrens books, drawing cats and dogs and getting paint on our fingers I was inspired to the point where I was the only one left at the table, sketching funny crocodiles and other whimsical animals. Today I am busy creating art for the childrens market. My acrylic and digital images are sold as canvas art and greeting cards in different boutiques across Denmark.

For information about the illustrations on my site, to see more of my work, or if you're looking for a specific design or theme please contact me at or +45 61 71 88 46

Clients: Klodsmajor, Kære Børn, ILVA

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